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KOKUYO Campus Study Planner Daily Notebook

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Track your assignments and ace your exams with KOKUYO's Campus Study Planner. The segmented layout helps you break down your study plan into manageable sprints, from setting your day's goals to tracking your progress. Considered details, like unobtrusive grey lines and a laminated spine that lays open flat, make it easy (dare we say even fun?) to put in the work. 

Bound with Kokuyo's smooth SARASA paper for a comfortable and satisfying writing experience, each notebook covers 63 days of designed study time. For those whose school days are far behind them, it's a solid habit tracker and goal setter. 

How to Use:

1) Set your goal—Write down what you are studying for (a test, general practice, a habit you want to make happen) on the header bubble.

2) Study topics—List specific subjects and topics to study in the left hand column.

3) Organize your time—Use the 24hr timetable on the right hand side to mark your study schedule.  

4) Track your progress—List the total hours spent on this subject, and whether or not you completed your goal

5) Keep some notes on the footer memo space: what you've perfected, what you're struggling with, and what teh next step is. 

Choose from Pink (A5 size) or mint (B5 size) colorways.


  • Mint B5 size measures 9.9" x 7" ( 252mm x 179mm)
  • Pink A5 size measures 8.3" x 5.8 inches (21cm x 14.8cm)
  • 32 sheets
  • 64 days total
  • Glue binding

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