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Midori Chiratto Index Stickers

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Chiratto「チラっと」translates to "at a glance" and these index stickers allow you to transform your journal or planner into an easily searchable, tabbed volume. 

Fear not about needing to adjust the tabs – they can be reapplied several times thanks to their light but durable adhesive.

The tabs themselves are translucent, so you can see writing underneath them. When writing on the tabs, please use an oil-based ballpoint pen, pencil, or oil-based pen when writing on the index. Water-based pens are not suitable.

Index tabs protrude about 2.5mm from edge of page when affixed.

Choose from Color Tabs or Number Tabs. Includes 2 sheets of 24 stickers each, for total of 48 tabs. Color Tabs feature 24 different colors while Number Tabs feature 12 colors.

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