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Schon DSGN Anodized Aluminum "Pocket 6" Fountain Pen Green Silver Fade

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The "Pocket Six" is a compact cartridge fountain pen designed for everyday use from Schon DSGN. These pens are compact when capped but offer a nice full sized fountain pen experience when the cap is posted on the back of the pen. The name "Pocket Six" comes from the fact that this pocket pen houses a #6 sized nib, which is a full sized nib, rather than the smaller #5 commonly found in pocket size fountain pens.

  • Made from anodized aluminum in the Green and Silver Fade colorway. 
  • This batch comes with a #6 Jowo nib. 
  • Pens use standard short international cartridges.
  • Each pen comes with one box of cartridges: three black, one blue, and two empty (for syringe filling) cartridges.
  • Measures 0.5" in diameter and 3.55” long when capped. Cap posted on the back measures 5.2” long. 
  • The pens are machined in Schon DSGN's Philadelphia workshop and the nibs are from Germany.  The bodies, cap and sections are 100% made in the USA. 

Schon DSGN is a manufacturing company based in Philadelphia where they make fountain and ballpoint pens. They manufacture a wide range of pens each with a unique look and feel. Each pen has something to offer to a person looking to create a unique writing experience. 

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