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ADERIA Retro Stemmed Tumbler Tulip

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The word "tumbler" might conjure up an image of a tall drink of water or a perfectly mixed cocktail, but this stemmed retro style makes us think of yogurt parfaits and layered ice creams. 

The stemmed glass was popular during the Showa era in Japan (1950s-1970s) and was often gifted during special occasions or housewarmings. This fresh style from ADERIA features an orange tulip pattern originally issued in 1973.

The wide rim shape gives this glass plenty of room for all types of drinks, while the raised stem base adds a spirit of celebration to every occasion. Shirley Temples for everyone! 

Sold individually. 


  • Measures 2.75" x 5.9" (7cm x 15cm)
  • 10.3 fl. oz. (305ml) capacity
  • Dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.

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