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LUDDITE A5 Function Notebooks

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To control the time.

These handy, functional notebooks from LUDDITE are undated and designed to be used according to your own particular schedule. Lightweight and casual, they're perfect for taking notes during meetings, organizing the day's schedule, or keeping track of school or work deadlines. Use them standalone or bundled a few into an A5 cover of your choice for your own daily organization system (use a rubber band to hold together more than 3).

Peep the cheeky "I recommend this notebook" sidenote on the lower left hand corner :)

  • Meeting Notebook: Business Note
    • Agenda
    • Title 
    • Date/Time/Place
    • Member 
    • Decision 
    • Decision Deadline 
    • Free Note
  • Daily Planner - Free Schedule Note
    • Today's Information
    • 24 hour time table
    • Memo
    • To Do
  • To Do & Memo - Business Note
    • To Do
    • 6mm Lined Rule Memo
  • To Do List - Business Note
    • To Do
    • Start date
    • Deadline Date
    • Done Date
    • Time Tables 
    • Memo 

Notebooks sold separately. All are 64 pages. A5 size. 

"For those who are particular about life."

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