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The simple and minimal design of TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS PRODUCTS Pencil Case is created by pressing a solid brass plate. The beautiful shape that resembles the body of a vintage car, is skillfully crafted by experienced pressing craftsman in Japan. The lustrous golden hue of the pen case deepens over time and bring anytime, and acquires the rustic appearance of an antique brass item.

Please note: Pens, leather journal, and other accessories are sold separately.

The appearance of brass-based products exude an extraordinary warmth. As the surface oxidizes through use, the change in color and texture enriches one’s affection towards the item in your life. Imagine the beautiful appearance ten years from now.

TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS PRODUCTS are made in Japanese factories. The touch and comfortableness, the click when the pen is capped, the pen case’s curve just like a vintage car, and the ruler’s precise straight line are the fruits of the skilled craftsmen and technicians of the factory, who make the slightest adjustments. After the processes of press and sharpening by both the most up-to date machines and very old tools, finally the products are inspected and assembled by hand.

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