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Peace Cabin WINGSPREAD Cushion Indigo Patchwork

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A plush geometric cushion that's as cozy as it is versatile. Peace Cabin's handsome Wingspread cushion adds comfort to your favorite chair or stool, and of course makes an excellent floor cushion, perfect for meditation. They work as throw pillows for wherever you want them. Wingspread is also small enough to travel with, making it a great companion for commutes, road trip naps, or when it’s time to fly. 

Peace Cabin cushion fillings are where they really aim to make a difference. The small company only use natural, fully biodegradable, non toxic materials—kapok, latex foam and raw cotton. They never use polyfill in their products. Just another reason why we adore these cushions.

Outer Materials: 100% cotton corduroy, Kuroki Mills indigo Japanese denim, block printed cotton, nylon cord, and natural leather trim.

(Please note the checkerboard block printed fabric is a hand done and can vary slightly in color and pattern from this unique process).

Filling: Raw cotton batting & natural latex foam.

Size: 15” x 5” 

Peace Cabin cushions' unique construction means that the covers are not removable. We recommend spot cleaning, and do not advise putting them in the washer or dryer—these are old school hand wash and line dry babies. 

Please note that this cushion uses contrasting colors in the design. While Peace Cabin does prewash their fabrics before construction, they cannot guarantee the products against color bleeding if they get excessively wet.

They also remind customers that any products that include indigo denim can transfer color to light surfaces through abrasion over time. The same would go for a new pair of dark colored denim jeans.

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