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STÁLOGY 019 Editor's Series 4Functions Pen

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This stylish multipen features a mechanical pencil and black, blue, and red ballpoint pen tips. It's designed especially for editors who use writing tools in a variety of ways, such as making revisions and notes on manuscripts and taking down memos while covering stories.

We love the design as well as the features—the updated silk-touch low-viscosity ballpoint ink prevents the pen from gliding too fast, ensuring excellent writability, while the mechanical pencil lead gives a precision feel without feeling scratchy. Towards the tip, a rubber grip contains an antibacterial agent, while an eraser hides under the pen's nearly seamless cap.

Available in Black or White body and 0.5mm or 0.7mm tip sizes.

Please note: STÁLOGY has changed the packaging for the Editor's Series 4Functions Pen, and thus you may receive a pen packaged differently than the one pictured. It is still the same pen! Thank you for your understanding :)


  • Takes ballpoint refill (sold here)
  • Takes pencil lead of your choice, refilled by inserting into the pencil tip.
  • Body measures φ 0.5" × 5.7" (φ 13 × 144 mm)

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