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PLOTTER Band with Lifter Bible Size

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A lifter with an elastic band that securely holds the Leather Binder close. The Lifter is designed with the world map, time difference table, and other conversion metrics, all screen printed in matte gold by hand. Enjoy the combination of functionality and design to invigorate your creative flow. You can also protect the refills from the contours of the leather covers by placing them at the beginning and end of the Leather Binder.

Please note, this is an accessory refill that is sold separately from the PLOTTER leather binder.


  • Lifter is made from PP resin, rubber band is made from polyester and natural rubber
  • Bible size measures 6.8" × 3.7" (172mm x 93mm)
  • Compatible with PLOTTER Bible size 6-Ring Leather Binder and other 6-ring binders


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