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A simple 15cm metric ruler made from solid brass, a compliment to your TRAVELER'S notebook. Forged out of a brass plate with the force of 45 tons, bent, arranged, and laser engraved to create this basic and ubiquitous tool. Draw a straight line and measure to your specification. One side of the ruler is angled to make pick-up and drawing lines easy with fountain and water based pens.

Although it has golden gloss at the beginning of use, the brass will oxidize and a patina may appear, changing in appearance to that of an antique tool. And while patina is a form of rust that most appreciate, by using a metal polish, it is possible to restore the original shininess whenever you like.

15cm is 5.9". Again, this is a metric ruler in centimeters only. 

The appearance of brass brings you back to old memories and somehow fascinates you deeply. Imagine the beautiful appearance ten years from now. We believe this will make the use of the TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS PRODUCTS something more exciting.

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