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Who Cares Anyway

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Late '70s San Francisco. The Summer of Love is a hazy memory, the AIDS crisis is looming, and nearby Silicon Valley is still an obscure place where microchips are made. The City by the Bay is reeling from a string of bizarre tragedies that have earned it a new name: the "kook capital of the world."

Yet out of the darkness comes a creative rebirth, instigated by punk and sustained by the steady influx of outsiders who view the city as a place of refuge, a last resort. What ensues is a collision of sounds and ideas that spans the golden age of analog DIY culture, from the dark cabaret of Tuxedomoon and Factrix, the apocalyptic sounds of Minimal Man and Flipper, the conceptual humor of Gregg Turkington’s Amarillo Records; through to the subversive pop music of Faith No More, the left-field experimentalism of Caroliner, Mr. Bungle, and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, and much more.

Drawing on extensive research―including interviews with over 100 musicians, artists, and other key players―WHO CARES ANYWAY is the first book to chronicle the wild post-punk San Francisco music scene, courtesy of those who lived it. It’s a tale full of existential drama, tragic anti-heroes, dark humor, spectacular failures―and even a few improbable successes.

572 pages. Paperback.

About the Author

Will York has written about music for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Alternative Press, and and is co-author (with Michael Belfer) of When Can I Fly? The Sleepers, Tuxedomoon & Beyond (Hozac Books, 2020). Born and raised in Raleigh, NC, he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before spending his young adulthood in San Francisco. Somewhat incongruously, he holds a PhD in Cognitive Science and a master’s degree in History & Philosophy of Science, from Indiana University. He currently splits time between Raleigh and the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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