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MD Pencil Set

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Recreating the delicate and calming hues of “MD Paper” in a pencil.

“MD Pencil” is a standard hexagonal pencil, created in the same color as “MD Paper,” and supported at three points by your thumb, index and middle fingers.

Although modest, it maintains its individuality. We hope that with “MD Pencil” you can experience the world of “MD Notebook” from your fingertips as you write.

What Midori focused on with “MD Pencil” was whether the design was capable of responding properly to the act of writing or drawing.

Not only has Midori made the pencil the same color as “MD Paper,” but by keeping decorative elements to an absolute minimum, they ensure that the eye concentrates on the tip of the pencil.

Pencil leads come in a tremendous variety of grades, from hard to soft. “MD Pencil,” however, is only available in B grade. This type of pencil provides a little softness and also a more concentrated depth of tone. This is why, when using it, you will never grow bored. This B grade pencil, with the best overall balance that is appreciated by so many people, will surely help to provide many opportunities for inspiration.

6 pencils per set.