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3 Oysters Hun Min Jeong Eum Ink Bottles

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The Hun Min Jeong Eum ink collection from 3 Oysters pays tribute to Korean script. Named after Sejong the Great's 1446 proclamation, announcing a new system of writing that would come to be known as hangul. Each of the ink colors represents  building aspects of the script: Hun Black (Teach), Min Blue (People), Jeong Jade (Correct), and Eum Red (Sound).

We find these water-based inks to be an ideal capsule collection of basic ink colors: from an everyday black or blue ink to a more striking but still readable red or green. Contained in an 18ml bottle, they'll work with any fountain pen of your choosing. 

Sold separately. Choose from Hun Black, Min Blue, Jeong Jade, or Eum Red colorways. 

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