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Grow Compost

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Perfect for first-time gardeners, this is your no-fuss guide to composting. From making your own fertilizer for plants to building your own compost bin, this sustainable gardening book will help you give your vegetable and flower garden a boost.

It includes:

  • Gardening tips on how to make compost at home
  • Packed with practical, jargon-free advice, and simple DIY composting techniques
  • Easy-to-follow format to help grow your gardening knowledge 

Gorgeous, full-color photography provides plenty of inspiration to get you started. Expert tips and step-by-step instructions on every page help make sure that you care for your garden in the right way for them to flourish. Dig into compost basics and get to grips with the many benefits of composting and the tools you'll need to get the job done. It's time to let your garden grow!

144 pages. Paperback. 

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