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Shine light on the beauty of plants​.

LUNA is a single-flower vase featuring a brass plate that gently shines as though it is reflecting the moonlight. The plate supports leaves of plants and is suited for enjoying hydroponic growing of succulents. As the plate can be removed, taking care of plants is easy. The glass vase can also be used on its own to display a small bouquet. The brass will age gracefully over time, adding richness and depth to your interior space.​

Available in 12.7oz (3.1" x 7.5") or 6oz (3.1" x 2.8") sizes, in brown glass.

Specifications & Care

Soda glass:

  • Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool.
  • By characteristics of this glassware, product may contain tiny air bubbles and black dots. Product surface may frost or smell under high temperature and high humidity.
  • Please wash the product with neutral detergent when it smell or frost.


  • Slight scratches, darkening, or dents may be found on brass.
  • Do not leave brass wet as humidity may cause the color to change.
  • With continued use, the color of brass surface will change due to oxidation.
  • To clean the brass, use a metal cleaner and follow its directions.
  • By polishing the brass with metal cleaner too hard, the hairline finish on the surface may chipped away and become more glossy.
  • Do not use bleach as it may cause rust on brass.
  • There may be a chance that green rust occurs on brass. However, it does not affect quality.

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