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KOKUYO ME 2-Way Marker Set Vol. 7

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KOKUYO's 2-Way Marking Pen is a marking pen that, true to its name, can be used in two ways: a slanted highlighter on one end and a fine tip pen on the other. This set includes 4 marker pens in KOKUYO's signature ME colorways: Taupe Rose, Moon Lime, Fragile Mint, and Grayish Fog.

The muted tones are perfect for gently highlighting important passages in your books or notes—a nicer note taking experience than garish and distracting neon colors. The fine tip pen lets you underline or write notes on the margins for a closer look. 

Fitted with a chunky barrel, each 2-Way Marker Men is easy and enjoyable to use in hand without taking up too much space in your pen case. Colorful, functional, and elegant—check, check, check. 

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