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Lemnos Awa Soso Clock Green

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Designed by Lemnos in collaboration with AWATSUJI, the SOSO clock features a clean and modern design. The numbers on the clock face are kept close to the center, leaving a bold margin around the outside, while the white hour hand offers a bright contrast against the sage green background. At once bold and soothing, the SOSO clock makes a perfect companion to early mornings in the kitchen or late nights at the office.

AWATSUJI design is an all-female design studio anchored by two sisters, Misa Awatsuji & Maki Awatsuji. Founded in 1995, the studio is known for their bold product packaging and editorial projects.


  • Measures 10" diameter x 1.9" depth
  • Made from plywood and glass
  • Made in Japan

Lemnos is a Japanese time-keeping brand that regularly collaborates with acclaimed designers and craftsmen. Humans glance at the clock countless times a day; Lemnos clocks make keeping track of the time a pleasure. Lemnos products are underpinned by craftsmen's refined skills to bring out the best of the natural material. The result is enduring, universal design that withstands the passage of time.

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