Traveler's Company Passport Leather Journal Starter Kit Camel

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The essential message of TRAVELER'S is to spend each and every day of your life as a day in a journey.

Midori's popular Traveler's Notebook Passport series starts right here with the leather journal starter kit, in the newest addition to the line, camel. In a way, it is a passport into the journey of your life. Traveling abroad, you get a stamp on your passport. Moving forward in the journey of your life, you can write down your experiences in this passport-sized notebook.

Your journal will come in a cotton case with a simple, blank notebook and spare contrast closure band in red. The naturally dyed, handcut cowhide cover may have a powdery substance on it when you first unwrap it, but that is the natural fat of the leather and can be wiped away with a damp cloth. This journal is meant to become more beautiful with use and age. The simple and rustic texture is self-assertive in an unobtrusive way.

This journaling system is meant to be customized and traveled with. Browse the wide range of Traveler's Notebook Passport refills and accessories, like the 008 Zip Pocket, the 012 Sketchbook Refill, or the 018 Weekly Planner Refill. Passport series notebook refills boast specially crafted paper from Japan, lightweight and thin yet offering best writing quality. The journal itself is the perfect size for traveling, and can hold maps, tickets, mementos and more.

The tactile experience of a fully customizable leather journaling system simply cannot compare to the organizational offerings of smartphones, where often times we find ourselves bombarded with too much information to even concentrate sometimes. It's amazing how calm, confident, and organized a paper journal, planner, and travel companion can make you.

For all the travelers who have a free spirit.

Dimensions: 5.2" x 4.1" x 0.4" (H 134 x W 105 x D 10mm) 
From: Japan

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