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mt x SOU·SOU Washi Tape Arare Ni Kamon

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Hailing Flower Crest. 霰に華紋 pattern shows alternating purple and black flowers on purple checkerboard background. 

Designed in collaboration with Kyoto-based SOU•SOU, who makes textile designs that vividly express Japan's four seasons and atmosphere. Using traditional materials and techniques, they create modern designs, manufacturing and selling a wide variety of items such as jiktatabi (split toe shoes), traditional Japanese clothing, Japanese confectionary and furniture and the like. 

Measures 7mm W × 7m L (0.3" inch x 23 feet).

Printed on translucent Japanese rice paper (和紙 washi) in an endless variety of colors and patterns, Kamoi masking tapes beg to be collected. Just like industrial use masking tape, the mt brand has a gentle adhesive, allowing it to be applied and reapplied without leaving traces of adhesive or ruining surfaces. 

There are many washi tape imitators, but trust us – mt Kamoi is the best.