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New Retro Illustrations

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"New retro", a combination of the word "New" and "Retrospective", represents the art movement that reimagines 80s/90s fashion, neon lights, old Japanese anime/movies, and retro items like cassette tapes and Polaroid cameras, as understood by young artists who did not grow up with them.The "New Retro" artistic movement, which began as a new and cool subculture before sparking a trend that took off in Japan in the late 2000s, has now become an established genre among illustrators.

This book introduces 40 up-and-coming illustrators working in this "new retro" style. Through the 300 illustrations showcased in this one book, readers can appreciate retro Japanese culture, items, and motifs reimagined and transformed into something new. This collection brings together the most notable New Retro artists and their works to give readers the most up-to-date, cutting-edge collection of this unique style.

192 pages. Paperback. 

About the Authors
The Talking Threads is an artist collective exploring the role of costume and costume specialists in the entertainment industry. They work as consultants, educators, designers, illustrators, and fabricators with major animation studios, live film, theatre, independent projects, and schools. As a group, they have participated in various presentations and demos that aim to bring more attention to costume design as a storytelling device. Their first collaborative creation is The Talking Threads: Costume Design for Animation, Games, and Illustration.

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