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OHTO Rays Flash Dry 0.5mm Gel Pen

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What looks like a commonplace ballpoint click-pen is better than expected. This opaque-writing gel pen features a precision tip, dries in a flash, and is well-suited for left-handed writers and others looking for a more smudge-resistant writing experience. With a pleasant heft and handsome chrome finish and enamel-look barrel, this will be the pen everyone will want to borrow.

About the Needle Point tip: In 1999, OHTO pioneered a needle shaped tip named Needle Point. Conventional pen needle tips are made of two parts (pipe and plastic holder). While writing (especially heavy hand pressure writing habit type), the burden applies in the edge of holder, resulting in the tip bending/defective writing. Due to the thinner, straighter shape, the needle tip in comparison with cone tip type, gives better performance in writing small and fine characters or in carbonized papers. In spite of the pin-like thinner shape, OHTO needle tips are as strong as cone tips because they are made from a single block.

Takes OHTO PG-105NP refills, sold separately.

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