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Pinelands: New Jersey’s Suburban Wilderness

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Home to many rare and endangered flora and fauna and a 17 trillion-gallon aquifer, the Pinelands National Reserve is New Jersey's largest natural resource and needs to be preserved for future generations. This monograph is the product of a nine-year journey though the Pinelands, a.k.a. the Pine Barrens, undertaken to visually record its beauty and uniqueness.

These high-quality art photographs show the lowlands, cedar swamps, rivers, forest, and bogs, and expose the Pinelands' singular beauty. Most of the locations were scouted well in advance--sometimes years--to ensure the photographs would be taken under optimal conditions.

144. Hardcover. 

About the Author

Albert D. Horner, a Medford Lakes, New Jersey, photographer, has been roaming the New Jersey Pine Barrens most of his life. The self-taught photographer started capturing the beauty of the Pinelands National Reserve in 2005.  

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