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POINT Fountain Pen Cleaning Kit

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This easy Cleaning Kit is designed to remove old ink from a fountain pen. You can use it to change the ink in a fountain pen cartridge or for cleaning the inside of a feeder. It even includes a clear zip compartment you can use to store the syringe and cleaning cartridges to keep them clean and dry. 

Contains 1 cleaning syringe injector, 2pc cleaning cartridge, and a diagram with instructions. 

How to Use: 

  1. Attach the cleaning cartridge to the injector and draw up a moderate amount of lukewarm water
  2. Insert the cleaning cartridge into the pen barrel the same way you would use a regular ink cartridge
  3. Press down on the injector to force water through the feeder. Repeat this process until all old ink is removed
  4. Make sure all parts (nib section, injector, cleaning cartridge) are well dried after use

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