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Elemense x Hasami Porcelain Incense Burner

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It seems as though every aspect related to burning incense has been considered with this impeccable porcelain burner. Made especially for the Elemense incense line, its design elevates the occasion of burning incense while also accounting for fallen ash, storage, and other details.

A brass stick holder is included, with two differently sized holes on differing facets. You can enjoy burning both wide core Elemense sticks as well as more slender Japanese incense sticks.

Inside the burner is space for storing additional mid-length incense sticks and cones.

The lid is designed so that fallen ash eventually drops down into the interior center section.

Handsome and functional, this burner is well-suited to virtually any space.

Measures 8.5" long x 3" across x 2.6" high.

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