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STÁLOGY 006 Washi Tape Dot Stickers Tree Shuffle

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These circular masking tape patches are perfect for labeling and classifying. Made from thin yet strong Japanese paper with particularly-selected hues and texture, the color variations created by layering make these patches ideal for decorating, drawing, and as memo holders. Manufactured in Japan, these high quality washi tape stickers remove cleanly and easily, as well.

The Tree Shuffle series features a gradiation of earthy colors: greens and browns ranging in depth.

Sold individually. Choose from 4 sizes. 

  • 5mm size: 126 patches per sheet x 5 sheets, for 630 total.
  • 8mm size: 60 patches per sheet x 10 sheets, for 600 total.
  • 16mm size: 18 patches per sheet x 10 sheets, for 180 total.
  • 20mm size: 15 patches per sheet x 10 sheets, for 150 total. 

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