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STÁLOGY 016 B5 Notebooks

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A notebook without the needless frills.

Every aspect of the STÁLOGY notebook is expertly considerd, from the high-quality stitch binding to the spacing of each ruled line. The notebook is bound with 52 sheets of fine quality 81.4 g paper, suitable for pencils, ballpoint pens, and fountain pens, while the soft cover is made with gokanshi paper, a finely textured paper.

Each notebook comes in five vibrant colors, perfect for different subjects or just sprucing up your deskside. A sidebar tab lets you label the notebook according to your needs. Each notebook sold separately. 

Choose from six core STÁLOGY colorways: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey, or Black. 


  • 52 sheets
  • 81.4g paper
  • Stitch binding
  • Japanese B5 size: 7.16" x 10.13" (180 x 252mm)

What should have been, is. 

The link between stationery and people began when people first used a stick to draw on the ground. The link, time and again, has continued to evolve along with the evolution of people. However, its intended purpose has never changed, and continues to exist today.

STÁLOGY is now rethinking this evolution.

Eliminating unnecessary ornamentation and fuction, they are taking a new look at what's really necessary, rediscovering essential elements and aiming to finally arrive at what should have existed all along.

stationery, standard & technology

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