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The Compatibility Game Prompt Cards

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From The School of Life, a game to—with charm and wit—guide us to insights about what really matters to us, where certain differences might lie and how best to deal with these. The Compatibility Game is designed to help two people in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) assess their level of compatibility. It helps to a) identify areas of alignment and divergence in their values, ambitions, goals or beliefs and b) discuss the significance of these. Crucially, the game does not suggest that incompatibilities cannot be overcome: the basis of successful relationships is not compatibility but compromise.

The box contains two sets of 80 cards (2 x 75 ‘statement’ cards plus 5 ‘blank’ cards) – each person has their own set. Each card contains a statement of opinion or belief: ‘I’m a spiritual person’; ‘Extreme left-wing views annoy me’; ‘I’m a morning person’, and so on. The cards are arranged into five themes – Values, Psychology, Habits, Leisure and Politics. The ‘game’ involves two players choosing the cards that most closely accord with their own POV and comparing their choices with the other player to assess their levels of compatibility.

These cards are a tool for self-development and connection, with entertaining and enjoyable exercises to help strengthen relationships. Blank cards help players make the game even more personal and initiate enriching conversations.


  • 120 cards + 20 page booklet
  •  2+ players 

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