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The Furniture Handbook

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The comprehensive guide to living with furniture, no matter your style, from the author of The Interior Design Handbook.
Interior-design sensation Frida Ramstedt changed how we think about designing a harmonious home with her book The Interior Design Handbook. Now she brings that same authoritative and comprehensive focus to this complementary guide that’s all about the most essential and functional items within your home.
No matter your style of home, we all want our spaces to feel inviting and comfortable. And the key to that is quality furniture that supports your lifestyle. The Furniture Handbook shares the foundational rules of choosing, arranging, and caring for the furniture in every room of your home. From selecting the perfect size dining table and seating that fits your family to arranging your living room pieces for the best flow, the basic principles that interior designers use and that everyone should master are provided.

  • Know what to pay extra attention to when choosing and rearranging furniture and what common complaints people have so you can avoid them.
  • Understand the dimensions and details of furniture design that determine whether a piece is comfortable or not.
  • Select quality upholstery that looks beautiful and will endure wear and tear from pets, kids, and daily life.
  • Learn how to match the scale of different pieces and plan what goes where before you start moving your furniture, so you never regret the time and money you have invested. 

Complete with simple and elegant illustrations, The Furniture Handbook is your key to creating beautiful, personal spaces in your home.

320 pages. Hardcover.

About the Author

Frida Ramstedt is the founder of Trendenser, one of Sweden’s largest and most long-standing blogs on interior design.

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