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Transitional Times Transitional Body by M. Téllez

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Tales from the crossroads of desire, hope, and despair. A sci-fi survivor memoir that has no princes, cops, or chosen people, that does not promote the colony or romanticize the empire. The short stories in this freshly expanded collection make apt companions for travelers, underworlders, heartbroken hope seekers, and of course fellow cyborgs.

M Téllez is a heavily cyborg sci-fi writer from the 215 (Lenapehoking). They serve as Minister of Crossroads and founding member of the corner store sci-fi & action collective, METROPOLARITYTransitional Times Transitional Body collects six of their most widely-read short stories, two from Lambda Literary award-winning trans speculative fiction anthologies:

  • Heat Death of Western Human Arrogance
  • About A Woman and A Kid
  • Adolescence
  • The Romance of the Colony
  • Monk's Dream
  • Real Work You Deserve

Set in OpenDyslexic typeface.
106 pages, paperback.
3rd edition.

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