M Téllez is a heavily cyborg sci-fi writer from the 215 (Lenapehoking). They serve as Minister of Crossroads and founding member of the corner store sci-fi & action collective, METROPOLARITYTransitional Times Transitional Body collects four of their most recent short stories, two from Lambda Literary award-winning trans speculative fiction anthologies and two that debut in this volume:

  • About A Woman and A Kid
  • Monk's Dream
  • Real Work You Deserve

 Fans of their All That's Left series will find a new 14,600 word story, welcoming you into the lusher landscape where Kay, Rahl, Suli, and Braga dwell. All That's Left was a series of zines under the same name released in zine format from 2012, featuring a cast of struggling cyborg surveyors in a divested and similarly struggling environment. The series was described then as post-binary and non-linear, and while that still holds true, it can currently be described as “a living story, about dispossessed cyborgs and their many borders.”

71 page, softcover.