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TRAVELER'S COMPANY Passport 018 Accordion Fold Notebook

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Originally issued in limited quantities as part of TRAVELER'S B-Sides & Rarities Collection, the Accordion Fold refill is joining the ranks of standard TRAVELER'S offerings. This Passport size refill is arranged in an accordion-style fold that folds compactly into your TRAVELER'S Passport Notebook. The paper itself is the thick type used for watercolor painting, making it perfect for getting creative. You can draw, make a collage or travel map, or arrange photos, tickets, or labels. You can also use the folded-out paper to write your travel itinerary, plans for the year or ideas.

Blank, 13 connected accordion pages. Dimensions: 4.88" x 3.5" x 0.15" (H 124 x W 89 x D 4mm).

Please note, this is an accessory notebook that is sold separately from the leather journal itself.

Masterfully made in Japan.

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