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Gone For Good
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Limited Edition

TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green Pocket Palette

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Autumn has always filled us with nostalgia for field trips and outings with crisp weather and fall folliage. As you spend more time outdoors or traveling this year, why not document your observations through drawing and painting? With the trusty TRAVELER’S notebook by your side, sketch or doodle what catches your eye. When you flip through the pages in the future, your drawings will bring back vivid memories of that encounter.

TRC's Pocket Palette is made with rust-proof and lightweight anodized aluminum, in a bright green coating that reads "HAVE A GOOD DAY, GOOD COFFEE, GOOD MUSIC, AND A GOOD NOTEBOOK!" The modular mixing pan and paint pan allow you to customize your color palette however you like. It holds just enough paint for urban sketching, plein air, or a quick doodle while sitting down at a café.

The Pocket Palette is a card-size palette that contains two mixing surfaces and 15 empty paint pans for you to customize and create your favorite watercolor palette. The pans are magnetic so you can re-arrange the pans further to your preference. Fill each pan with your favorite watercolor tube of choice and they are ready to go. Once the paints are dried in the pan, they can be re-activated with a wet brush whenever you want to start painting.

The Pocket Palette easily fits into the card-size pockets of a TRAVELER’S notebook zipper pouch (Regular and Passport Size). Each comes with a custom canvas pouch to store the palette or hold other small accessories.

Made in collaboration with Art Toolkit, an American art supply company known for its field-tested palettes. 

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