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A view of the Peace Cabin studio, with a big work table stacked with colorful cushions in progress of being put finished

10 Questions with Peace Cabin

Greetings Angela and Daniel of Peace Cabin! Thanks for your time doing this interview with our online/content director Monk.

Combined, you have a shared background in menswear and denim design, so Peace Cabin goods reference a range of influences in fashion, architecture, and interiors, as well as your appreciation for outdoor gear & camping equipment. You make everything here in PA, emphasizing the sustainable and biodegradable fillings that make your cushions SO COMFORTABLE. So not only are Peace Cabin cushions good looking, they're noticeably more pleasant to sit on compared to seat cushions that use synthetic materials.

We came across Peace Cabin in the earlier days of the pandemic, through the mysterious web of Instagram recommended accounts. This kind of thing happens all the time, but we were particularly charmed by your cozy name and Pennsylvania connection. Your photography was all evocative sunlit interiors and outdoor still lifes. And the cushions themselves, which on first sight reminded us of zabuton cushions, have fashionable, multipurpose designs made of natural materials. These were the days when Work From Home and trying to get outside were so big and important in many people's lives. At that time, we thought Omoi didn't have the appropriate space to sell home goods larger than a bread box, but after you were featured on POPEYE Magazine's IG (a magazine we sell - shout out to Renatto Balladares @nattob whose interior was featured), we decided to reach out and figure out the logistics later!

Afterwards I got a WANDERER cushion, put it on my desk chair at home, and I swear it's helped lessen the pain I usually get from sitting long hours. _And_ because it boosts my seated height (I'm 5'3"), I get a more ergonomic angle for typing. When I get up, the cushion fluffs itself back up to its default size and doesn't stay compressed. Small but important details that are hard to convey just from images and text!

But enough anecdotes—let's get to these questions. =)

Cushions that are suited to multiple interiors and surfaces

1) What kind of environment did you come up in, and what kind of environment do you like to make for yourself today?

Daniel: Thankfully always a creative environment, initially through my parents who both have creative interests, then later I went to design school for fashion. Since design school, I’ve been privileged to hold creative roles at some great brands alongside amazingly talented partners (it’s how I met my wife Angela!). I grew up in England/Ireland and my parents are of a generation raised during wartime and the resultant rationing. From that, they’ve always had a ‘make, mend and improvise’ mentality and I think in part that has influenced my own creative curiosity. They also have a good capacity for risk-taking, so that’s been something that’s helped me in starting our own brand. Today, my preferred environment is one that stays open to a variety of influences and I really value meeting and collaborating with people from different backgrounds and cultures than my own. Having lived in different places and been lucky with travel opportunities, I think my outlook remains global and that’s important to me too.

2) What kind of stuff were you into when you were around thirteen? Any advice for thirteen-year-olds today?

Angela: I was really into all things grunge, thrifting, Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker and House of Style on MTV. I think my advice would be—you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok...!

3) What's your stance on magic?

Angela: I believe in the magic that can manifest supernatural forces, clairvoyance, and mediums. I am skeptical of the illusionists, but still find them quite intriguing!

Cushions that look good sitting around

4) What was the impetus for making cushions in particular?

Daniel: A couple of influences—firstly we’re campers (well, more glampers if I’m being honest…) and we found the available camping gear to mostly be quite technical looking. We definitely appreciate some titanium cookware, but we wanted some of our gear to be a bit more vintage in appearance and we also wanted some products that were more versatile in where and how we might use them. So the initial idea for our cushions was for something that worked aesthetically in our home, but also looked like something we might take outdoors too. Japan, floor cushion culture and the field-style camping equipment that’s available over there also partly informed our concept. We love how they embrace the idea of their gear not being singularly for just indoor or outdoor use—they often mix it all together. Lastly, we were seeking a new creative outlet after 20+ years in menswear, so we mixed all these influences together and the end result was a denim cushion with a waterproof Cordura®️ nylon base!

5) Wood is a prominent material in your brand photography, as are living trees. Care to wax poetic about why?

Wood is a material that to me feels alive whether it’s still a living tree or has been cut down and turned into something beautiful. To us, the grain of wood feels like an appropriate backdrop to our products and echoes our commitment to using only natural, biodegradable fillings in our cushions.

Somehow a cozy nook becomes cozier

6) What's something you'll spend money on, and something you refuse to spend too much money on?

Daniel: I’m happy to pay for good food. And I hate it when I paid a lot and it’s not good!

7) Area fashion trend you wish would come back?

Angela: I love the MOD look! I've always been drawn to a simple A-line dress shape with a black or maybe a pop colored tight and then some boots or mary janes.

8) Area fashion trend you wish would retire?

Angela: I am not crazy about the current Y2K resurgence. I also think fast fashion is not the way forward and is very dangerous to our environment.

9) What's something you wish people engaged with more?

Daniel: Nature and the outdoors—get out and explore in whatever way works for you!

Enjoy your favorite park perch a little longer

10) And, any shout outs?

Daniel: If you’ve bought our goods, shared our brand with others or just appreciate what we do, thank you! Shout out also to everyone that’s been in our corner supporting and encouraging us so far—family, friends, mentors, collaborators, retail partners, storytellers etc.

Daniel and Angela, creators and makers of Peace Cabin
Daniel and Angela, creators and makers of Peace Cabin
A peek inside the Peace Cabin studio, moodboard and supplies corner
A peek inside the Peace Cabin studio, moodboard and supplies corner
All natural materials for the filling really make a difference in feel when sitting!
All natural materials for the filling really make a difference in feel when sitting!
The WANDERER cushion making a good campside seat out of a Yeti cooler
The WANDERER cushion making a good campside seat out of a Yeti cooler
The FROEBEL cushion making the kitchen table chair more comfy
The FROEBEL cushion making the kitchen table chair more comfy
See that terrain? Peace Cabin will save your behind.
See that terrain? Peace Cabin will save your behind.
Make a seat almost anywhere
Make a seat almost anywhere

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