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An obsession with functional and useful: BAGGU

An obsession with functional and useful: BAGGU

"A place for everything and everything in its place" is a saying we never get tired of around here. Sounds a little strict at first, and maybe for some it comes with the pang of a reprimanding parent or teacher, but check this out – having an organized life is nice. Knowing where your stuff is at any given time? Nice. Looking at all your stuff organized into pleasing piles? You ever heard of flower arranging? Almost the same thing. Just feels nice.

What happens when you're on the move, though? Lots of people out there live a life with their stuff tossed in a bag, rummaging endlessly for that stick of gum or ballpoint pen, until they have to dump the whole thing out to see if it's even in there.

It does not have to be this way. Enter BAGGU.  

What started as a line of ingeniously made nylon grocery bags has flourished over the years into a full-on lifestyle array of organizational baggage. Simple, classic detailing, attention to proportion and economy, and the fact that they do limited color and pattern runs in only three different materials every season makes BAGGU highly collectible.

Case in point, the well-worn collection of our web manager here, who had an obsession with functional, utilitarian bags to begin with. The collection started with the Standard Baggu, an at-the-time novel and, more importantly, durable tote that immediately became a daily bag staple. When backpacks, Baby BAGGUs, and their canvas and pouch lines were introduced, so did the collection, and all other less useful bags were given away.

What do they get used for? Well, the new 3D Zip Pouches are great for keeping makeup and tech accessories tidy in your daily bag. The Backpacks are so fresh and simple, they'll either replace your daily carry-all or become your go-to adventuring bag. The Baby BAGGUs make excellent lunch bags. The Weekender can pack enough gear for a Saturday-Sunday visit or an entire month-long trip (and still fit in the overhead compartment). The leather line of coin purses, clutches, and key rings will keep you collected and cute. And the classic Standards, well you can use those for anything - laundry, groceries, playing games with a puppy, holding sandy beach towels, wrapping a present in, basic color therapy – you name it.

Here at Zakka Shop we feel that a big part of a peaceful life is being organized. You stress much less when you spend less time looking for lost things or not having quite what you need at a given time. When you surround yourself with only thoughtful, useful things, clutter goes away and space opens up. You know where things are. You know where you are. We think the crew at BAGGU must feel the same way.

Shop BAGGU at Omoi.

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