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A Year of Music Notes

A Year of Music Notes

For some reason I’m strangely optimistic and full of hope for the new year. As I reflect on how Omoi is settling into its teenage years and coming into our own around a unique sense of style alongside all we’ve been through this year, I just keep thinking how grateful I always am to you, the friends and fans of the shop, that get what we’re doing and wanna help grow it and keep it going.

Although we’ve got Christmas music and a rotation of our favorite classic albums going on in the shop, there are a few new songs this season that we haven’t been able to stop playing, like the entire MELENAS album, *staff favorites* MITSKI and KIM SAWOL, and a new track from MAPACHE, a band that I was into around the time I opened the shop, so it’s nice to see them back again.

As always, support your local shops & radio stations, and have a relaxing holiday! See you in the new year~


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