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Updated: Recommended Short Trips Guide & Chinatown Supplement

Updated: Recommended Short Trips Guide & Chinatown Supplement

Starting this November, our Recommended Short Trips universe expands to include new spots to grab a bite, people watch, and shop that are within walking distance from Omoi. Over the spring we introduced a popular Chinatown supplement of recommended spots to visit and hang out in, in response to efforts from private developers and city officials to bring about a drastic gentrification of the neighborhood. 

Currently, developers are vying to build a basketball stadium in its midst, claiming the development will improve "an area in decline" while also having no discernable impact on Chinatown itself. Concerned Philadelphians who live, work, and know that some of the best nights out happen in Chinatown, recognize these claims as complete baloney. Chinatown is a bustling downtown neighborhood that we love to visit—the Chinatown Supplement presents this special place in all its vibrant, delicious, and lively splendor.

Paired with the updated Recommended Short Trips, both guides outline near-endless ways to spend a weekend gallivanting around town.

Made with travelers new to Philadelphia and seasoned visitors in mind, the Recommended Short Trips guide outlines a few of our favorite neighborhoods that are within walking distance from our shop, with places to eat, people watch, and shop. Transit routes and side trips are included so you can make a full day of your visit. The updated guide now includes the popular Chinatown Supplement, already tucked into the Recommended Short Trips for your convenience.

Inside you'll find our top picks in the area for:

  • Bakeries / Desserts
  • Small Eats / Street Food
  • Restaurants
  • Places to Shop
  • ...and much more!

Sourced from our staff, the list originally had dozens of picks that we had to significantly cull through for space. Philadelphia (and Chinatown specifically) is a magical place with something for everyone's tastes and interests—we suggest using this guide as a starting point and wandering around the area, exploring the places that call out to you.

We designed it to fit in—what else—a TRAVELER'S notebook—and included a handy little map along with a space for note taking, since you're sure to find a couple more spots of your own to add to the list. 

Find our Recommended Short Trips near our TRAVELER'S COMPANY corner in the store or add it to your online order, free of charge. Goes great with our HEAVY print newsletter and a fresh press of our TRAVELER’S COMPANY shop stamp.


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