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Heat Wave Days

Heat Wave Days

It's the third week of July and we've just crossed the halfway point of the month. A heat wave is settling in over Philadelphia here, with passing lightning storms and downpours between the dense humidity. In the shops, activity has slowed down. We're in between shipments and fewer people roam the streets—it seems we all want to be in air conditioning.

It certainly feels like the height of summer.

What else is there to do?

At home we burn incense and write in our journals. There's a lot to process with the intense astro weather right now (hello eclipse season).

At work, we field questions from our customers about when and if all different kinds of dated planners will arrive. Although our orders have already been placed, they won't show up till the end of August, the start of our busy season.

In the chain stores downtown we see new dorm specials, and the student areas around the city are showing signs of their return.

We can tell, change is making its way.

But right now, the heat makes us slow down and we like that. It gives us precious time to prepare for our coming transitions.

There's no need to rush. These are the heat wave days.


A TRAVELER'S Journal open to a weekly planner page, with a brass pen on it, and a nice ceramic incense burner beside that.

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