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Reliable Company

Reliable Company

What a history-making, surprising, challenging Twenty-twenty

Challenges to redirect energies and change plans. Challenges to make due within our limitations. Challenges to rest, to find joy. Challenges to change our old ways in service of bringing people together. Challenges to live and fight for the future.

The year that went in a spiral

What does a stationery & life store do? Well, we had to figure it out. Were you one of the many people who experienced time differently this year? Some of us at the shops did. Some of us worked from home. Some of us had to be furloughed. Some of us moved on to embrace our true callings. The entire summer went by. Now in the early weeks of autumn, there is a working semblance of routine, and our customers share their enthusiasm to see our open doors. We're glad to see you, too.

The reliable company of pen and paper. And a favorite drinking glass.

At the height of lockdown we found ourselves reading, journaling, sitting at the kitchen table and staring outside over tea and cookies. In between news doomscrolling, sleeping, coordinating on neighborhood mutual aid projects, and sanitizing our mail and groceries, it was a peculiar, pleasant feeling to realize how much something like sitting down to the same linen placemat at the table was to be appreciated. Like, wow I guess I'm really glad I bought this glass because here I am at home, every day, all the time, drinking water out of it. Much more pleasant on the mouthfeel than a plastic souvenir Phillies cup or something. And, I am glad I collected three different ochre-brown gel pens, because now when I sit down with an open notebook, to another day with no idea what's going to happen next (or, alternatively, when you decided to take up letter writing to friends), it's just kind of soothing to have a pretty color to write in.

One day at a time

This year, our Old City location won Best of Philly for 2020 Place to Trick Out Your Home Office. Even though we were closed for a couple months and sort of didn't get or even promote Back to School season like we have in the past, our late 2019 orders for 2021 planners and notebooks, ceramics, incense, and linens still found their way to us from across the ocean. And our customers have been ready for them! Unsurprisingly, having a place to keep oneself together, whether in the pages of a book, or a place setting at the table, is important.

We're in the final quarter of this tumultuous year. As you reach the end of your 2020 planner, what are your goals and promises for the next year? Ours is to be here for you.

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