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Life with Desk

Life with Desk

A wide open space where you can work and think, without distraction. That's what a desk is for. 

A desk is not for collecting clutter, dirty dishes, or outdated mail.

A desk is a space for you, your tools, and your thoughts. 

Where else do you accomplish so much?

A desk is the place where you take care of your ideas.

School. Work. Creative life. Even mundane existence requires somewhere to take care of your business from time to time.

Keep what you always need nearby. When it's time to get things done, you won't be interrupted by having to go look for something.

A good desk takes care of you back.

A desk should feel good and inviting when you sit down in front of it.

The desk is your space to spread out and make a mess sometimes.

Get a chair that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

Make sure to stand up every now and then, too!

It's okay to make a mess on your desk.

The desk is a place for you, your tools, and your thoughts.

Spread your stuff around and change up how you do things from time to time.

It feels good to get what you need accomplished.

Of course, sometimes a change of scenery is necessary.

Sometimes you need to get on with the rest of your day.

That's when it's time to pack up (pack light) and get moving. 

Coming back to your desk you feel ready to work!

Not even the best of desks are meant to be sat at forever.

There's more to life than work.

Allow yourself to think without worry. 

When it's time to get back to the task at hand, you'll be refreshed for the next round.

 That's how we live life with desk.



Featuring our web master, M, in their natural habitat. 
P.S. They highly recommend a kneeling chair for people who sit for long periods of time.

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  • An

    I love this post! Very nice and aesthetically pleasing to look at! Are there any kneeling chairs that you would recommend?

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