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A Philly holiday classic

A Philly holiday classic


Jazz singer and musician Chie AYADO joins hometown heros BOYZ II MEN in this 1993 performance of Let It Snow.

If this rendition of the song doesn't make you cry...!!

Why do we love this song? 

Outside it's rain and sleet
When our bodies meet
I don't care about the weather

It's a single line, but one that feels so Philly. Snow in Philadelphia isn't typical until we get into the late winter months, especially February and March. Often times, because we're located in the mid-Atlantic region, when it snows the temperature rises just enough that the precipitation turns to rain and sleet. Kids go to bed with flurries starting outside hearing that it might be grounds for a snow day, but come morning it's time to get dressed for school because it all melted once the sun came up. Wah-wah.

So yeah, let it snow. Let it snow.

Here's to the holiday season and the approach of winter!




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