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Music to Clean Your Desk To

Music to Clean Your Desk To

Welcome to the latest edition of Omoi Radio, the segment where we share our current store playlist and the vibes that inspired it. 

From Liz, shop owner and resident iPod nano DJ:  

I keep reading lots of discussion about finding the energy, figuring out if the driving force that existed yesterday still feels the same today, and allowing yourself the permission to still find things to enjoy despite it all.  

Running a business through COVID has meant no shortage of opportunities to figure out how to get back on the proverbial horse after unexpected events or downturns, and after fifteen years of going through it, I finally feel like I can embrace the chaos a little bit because we’ve ridden every wave so far and I know we’ll do it again.

So, welcome to my messy summer work desk.  I love this little corner of the office - just a little bit of the postcards, artwork, books, notes and in-jokes from the last two years, stacks of catalogs and mail from prospective vendors, little baskets of carefully inspected merchandise that didn’t make the cut for the sales floor, and some extra comfort-clutter, for good measure.

But, I know I’ll feel refreshed and satisfied when the mail has been sorted and the dust wiped off.  Thus, welcome to Omoi Radio Summer 2022 - music to clean your desk to.  Hang in there, baby~~ 

Looking for our previous store playlists? You can find them all on our Spotify.
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