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On Skipping Town

On Skipping Town

Time for a quick getaway. After a heavy week filled with a bleak news cycle and humid weather, we're feeling the urge to log off, pack a suitcase, and drive off into the sunset.

Skipping town is a must when frustrations mount, ambitions stall, and the daily routine isnt yielding its desired fruits.

Some problems won't be solved by putting more work into them.

Sometimes you must leave them alone and go somewhere else for a while.
Skipping town is a decision to untangle yourself from the things getting you down where you're at.

In that change of scenery, the mind can rest from routine and the senses are exposed to different sensations.

Maybe you're headed out on an international flight planned eight months ago or hopping in a new friend's car for a last minute long weekend adventure. The wandering day trips through different parts of town no longer cut it. When you stay in one place too long, sometimes you get to feeling stuck.

New environments can rejuvenate us with their novelty. Distance inspires changes in perspective. Leaving your own bubble can make you reassess the way you've been thinking about things, without even trying.

When you come back home, a thought hits you out of no wherethe revelation that unstops the blockage in your consciousness.

Yes, great effort requires great rest from time to time.

So pack a bag and find yours.

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