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Volume 0 of HEAVY our print newsletter hangs out amidst our book table

Omoi Presents... HEAVY vol. 0

We at Omoi are happy to present HEAVY vol. 0 ! A print newsletter that plays off the multiple meanings inherent in our name by reflecting and collecting the times at the shop. Featuring Staff Picks and Photo Log, Planner Scene 2023, 10 Questions w/Philly artist Caroline Mills, Deskies, and then some.

In this era of constant, throwaway digital content, we found ourselves yearning for a slower pace. As writers and readers and zoning-outers, having a piece of paper in hand can be preferrable to a heavy backlit phone at times.

There's so much "content" that we've created over the years, from photo essays to interviews. All this time, it's lived on our blog or come and gone on our social media streams.

We hope HEAVY will serve as tangible documentation of our collective creative output and grow into something truly worthy of your attention. Useful and thoughtful.

Pick up your copy in-store today or add it to your cart (if it's still in print). It goes great with our Recommended Short Trip Guide and a fresh press of our TRAVELER’S COMPANY partner shop stamp!


A view of the opening spread of HEAVY vol 0. Staff Picks and Camera Roll.
A close up of the 2023 Planner Scene center spread. Open Dated thoughts...
DESKIES feature excerpt with Omoi staff alum and costume designer Maria on the back coverA close up of the 2023 Planner Scene center spread. Weekly vertical and quadrant styles, up close
10 Questions with Caroline Mills spread
The 2023 Planner Scene center spread basking in its glory
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