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TRAVELER’S DINER is not on the map. While locals can always get there, it is not easy for travelers to find, even if they drive there with some information. Just when you think you are lost and don’t know where you are or where to go, TRAVELER’S DINER may appear with a discreet neon sign.

A spin-off from the limited-edition TRAVELER’S notebook sets released in April 2022 will be available—a set of TRAVELER’S notebook and customizable items, inspired by TRAVELER’S DINER, an imaginary diner dreamed up by TRAVELER’S COMPANY.

Release Date

January 12th, 2023. Only at Partner Shops!


This item will be limited to one per customer. Multiple orders from the same address, overseas forwarding services, and other suspicious purchase behavior will be automatically canceled due to the increased vigilance for resellers.


This will be a live release. Our newsletter subscribers will be notified when stock notification signup is available. This is not a pre-order.

A cubby decorated with PA diner memorabilia

In-Store Event

From January 13th through January 16th, 2023, the TRAVELER’S DINER appears at OMOI for a special limited event. Visit our shop to purchase the TRAVELER’S DINER set in person, and experience a corner of TRAVELER’S DINER!

Take photos with the special TRAVELER’S DINER neon sign, meet other TRAVELER’S notebook users, and share your diner adventures with fellow fans. You can also collect a special event stamp in your TRAVELER’S notebook during the event.

Our online director's TRAVELER'S notebook sitting on a diner tabletop


If you are fortunate enough to find TRAVELER’S DINER on your journey, open the heavy doors and step inside. At the counter, an old man who seems to be a regular is reading the newspaper and drinking his second or third cup of coffee. A hungry hitchhiker traveler sits beside him, eating a delicious meal of crispy bacon dipped in a runny yolk. A little girl happily drinks a milkshake next to her mother near the back. In another seat, a truck driver devours a hamburger heartily. This is a place that welcomes everyone and provides a small but unwavering sense of warmth. It is like books, music, and maybe even a TRAVELER’S notebook that accompany you in your daily life. It will light up your heart when you feel like losing your way on the journey of life.

According to TRAVELER'S COMPANY, diners are like the original American landscapes where travelers and locals mingle. For those of us who grew up watching American movies, the diner was an oasis that appeared on the way to travel in the vast wilderness. It was a spot where romance was born, a social gathering place for cab drivers, where gangsters talked nonsense and soul singers sang and danced, and a place we adored.

the TRAVELER'S DINER leather journal sitting on a white background
closeup of TRAVELER'S DINER sticker set
Detail shot of notebook inside cover, themed like a diner menu
the TRAVELER'S DINER package design, a kraft paper box with red ink

Set Includes

TRAVELER’S notebook Camel, debossed with the TRAVELER’S DINER logo, is paired with the refill notebook inspired by the diner’s menu. The set also includes a charm of an American car that can be attached and glide along the elastic of TRAVELER’S notebook, a miniature mug charm, two letterpress postcards, nine different stickers, and a cotton bag that can be used as a storage pouch for TRAVELER’S notebook.

An animation of the brass car charm moving across the leather journal cover.

Have a nice trip!

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  • Melissa

    Is the TF Diner set still available? Thank you.

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