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Our First TRAVELER'S Meet-Up Recap

Our First TRAVELER'S Meet-Up Recap

On September 12th, 2018 in Philadelphia it was 85ºF and the sky overhead was bright and diffuse under a blanket of low, unbroken clouds. We had announced just a few weeks earlier that we would be holding a TRAVELER'S Company meet-up, our very first. We weren't sure what to expect. We didn't require RSVPs. We just had to do it. As the 5pm start time drew near, we prepared a table with light refreshments and waited for folks to show up.


cookies, pretzels, and sparkling water for guests, sitting on a gingham tablecloth


This meet-up was a long time coming! Since TRAVELER'S Company invited us into their network of Partner Shops, it was only sensible to begin holding TRAVELER'S related events. Then suddenly the shop had to be shuttered after sustaining serious water damage from a 4-alarm fire on our street corner. We reopened on July 6th, and after a month of continued operations without issue, decided it was time to go ahead with the plan.


Such an overcast day it made everything glow!
What a glow! Was it our camera or was it sooo bright and overcast that this diffuse glow effect was impossible to avoid?


Our gratitude to TRAVELER'S Company for graciously lending our shop the rare and not-for-sale TRAVELER'S Company stamps. We laid them out on the event table, alongside a postage scale, an MD PAPER pad, copies of the TRAVELER'S Times, and a peculiar little cat statue with a goblin's face, gifted by a designer friend of our staff. Later on we would have a 'guess the weight of your TRAVELER'S Notebook' informal contest, and a raffle to name the new 'store cat.'



From our perspective, it was a very enjoyable meetup. Those who showed up came and stayed for the entire event, and we all had a good time talking shop, sharing journal set-ups, testing each others' pens, and gossiping about what might be next with TRAVELER'S. Please enjoy a few scenes from the rest of the meetup (and please pardon the grain and blur in the photos!).



Thanks to everyone for a lovely evening. Stay tuned for our next event, and in the meantime, write on!

Curious about TRAVELER'S Company? Explore the line here.


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  • weja

    looks like so much fun! toobad i only just got into travelersesessses or else i woulda been there myself! hopefully i can catch the next one! i super want in on all this dorky planner action!!!!

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