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Views from Third Street: November

Views from Third Street: November

Greetings from the Old City shop, Dear Reader. It's been busy around here for us as we prepare for the holidays. Anyone who works in retail or other seasonal work knows the deal – when it's the busy season, it is busy. But this is the calm before the storm, if you will. Enjoy this little tour of our Old City location in the days before the kickoff holiday sales. 

The book table piled high with extra goodies

Peeking between store plants at the Christmas deco display

Small Japanese decor touches

Plant-based natural skincare products

A close-up of some of our favorite incense

A look at the apothecary and homewares department

Excellent plant-based skincare in the best cat-themed packaging, from Meow Meow Tweet

Beautifully designed IZIPIZI readers next to George Rodriguez's photography book, out from Hat & Beard Press

Knitwear and other great giftable items on the front half of the book table

Japanese ceramics for your everyday enjoyment

An overhead peek at coffee mugs, coasters, and other table settings for a nice time

In-store exclusives are typically comprised of ridiculous blind box toys and other cat themed merch

For example, floor protecting cat slippers for the bottmo of chairs and stools

Adorable animal shaped wood toys by T-Lab in our mini kids section

Pins and jewelry, with a focus on Macon & Lesquoy

Fresh porcelain jewelry arrivals from Austin based artist, Zoë Comings

Braun and other refined desk supplies sit between Blackwing pencil goods and TRAVELER'S COMPANY refills

Our ever expanding TRAVELER'S Company wall

A peek from the pen corner

The day's customer scribbles on the MD paper test pad

2019 planners and accessories all lined up for your perusal

An overhead shot of one of several stationery displays. Planners, MD Paper notebooks, writing utensils, and more

Sparkly overhead shot of Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffer toys, and more

A shot from the front of the shop

The scene from out front at 41 south 3rd Street in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood


We hope you had a nice time looking.

Plan Your Visit for next time you're in the area!

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  • Liz

    Love it! The cat paw chair socks are too cute~

  • Carlos Santiago

    A veritable paradise. I died on the 22nd photo. ありがとう!!

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