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Our Recommended Short Trips Guide

Our Recommended Short Trips Guide

August 2022 edition.

We're proud to announce an updated Recommended Short Trips guide, which you can find at the front of our shop.⁠

Find A Day in Old City, A Day on South Street, and A Day Around City Hall, which include places to sit, eat and drink, shops we like, and other interests and attractions just further north, south, and west of the shop.⁠

A handy map comes included for your reference. Don't pull out your phone—don't even bother—we've got it covered for you… Along with a handy place to write notes on the back, perfectly sized for your Traveler's Notebook. ⁠

Find it today at the store. Omoi Online shoppers planning a visit can request a copy in their order checkout notes. =]


Holding our Recommended Short Trips guide in my Traveler's Notebook in front of Omoi's storefront
A view of the aforementioned handy map in the guide
Our guide is a classic 3-fold brochure format.The back panel of the guide is an open space for note taking
The guide is available here, at the front of our shop, by our Traveler's Company section
A view of our Old City storefront at 41 S 3rd StreetOmoi Zakka Shop
41 S 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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  • Chris

    This is a brilliant idea! Wish I had known to pick one up during my last visit.

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