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Our Second TRAVELER'S Meet-Up Recap

Our Second TRAVELER'S Meet-Up Recap

January 25th, 2019 saw our second TRAVELER'S meet-up. It was blustery, mid 30ºs with intermittent sun. A classic Philly winter's day. (Although the day before it was almost 60º and torrentially raining!) As the sun lowered in the sky we cleared tables, set up refreshments, and waited for the first of the TRAVELER'S fans to show up. Then it wasn't long before the store filled up with excited journalers, plus a handful of unassuming passers-by who joined in on the contagious excitement.


TRC enthusiasts beginning to warm up and show off their gear.


Our previous meet-up was back in September, announced just a short period of time before it happened, and required no RSVP. This time, we announced the meet-up almost a month in advance and said that an RSVP would secure a special gift direct from TRAVELER'S Company (the perks of being an official Partner Shop). The RSVPs filled up within two days, and then were like oh crap that's thirty people! Last time only eight or ten people showed up. So... there was a bit of anxiety like will we have enough space, chairs, food and drink, and the like. But as you'll see, it turned out to be a very enjoyable time.


Everyone began to show-and-tell the various inserts in their respective journals.

A comparison of the limited Olive edition TNs, next to one abundantly packed Blue TN.

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@racqham showing off their Blue TRAVELER'S Note with mermaid charm.

Comparing a new Camel TN with a well-used one.

For a TRAVELER'S meet-up there were quite a few Hobonichi journals in the mix...

Everyone uses their journal differently.

Seems like @avocat_papers had a memorable time visiting New York City!

Then someone suggested we make a planner pile.

Collage, sketches, and neatly written planning... Everyone spends time with their planner how they see fit.

Love this person's planner combining a well-placed sticker and hand-drawn illustrations.

Let's not forget all the pencil case show-and-tell that happened.

A very cool little clear file peeking out here.

Some of @plansnstuff's regular journals luxuriating on the table.

@spacestation_star1 discussing the merits of his pen roll contents.

Folks left notes on our MD PAPER tester pad while the conversation continued.

@jdurla with the post-stationery purchase glow and the special edition 2019 TRAVELER'S tote, which was the special gift RSVP attendees received. A special Thank You to TRAVELER'S Company for providing us with these totes!

A room full of happy TRC fans.

We asked attendees to share their thoughts on why they like using their TRAVELER'S Company journal. Check out all the different pens and handwriting styles.


Thanks so much to everyone who came out for another lovely evening. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. Stay tuned for our next event, and in the meantime, write on!

Curious about TRAVELER'S Company now? Need fresh refills? View the full line here.


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  • Melissa Shrout

    Good morning. I love the Traveler journal items. I was just in Japan and on my first day there I visited the one and only Traveler’s Factory Store and the one and only Traveler’s Factory Store at the Tokyo Train Station. Along with those two very exciting places I went to the largest Starbuck’s in the world (Starbucks is opening a new four-storey roastery café in Tokyo, its largest in the world), who along with the Tokyo Train Station offers many exclusively stamped Traveler’s supplies. Needless to say, I bought up one of everything. It was so much fun and very exciting.

    A friend told me about your meet-up and I would love to join in. I live in Maryland and I am trying to figure out how to get myself there, lol. Just thought I would post my Japan Traveler’s Factory experience.

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