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Omoi Zakka Shop is now an official TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop!

Omoi Zakka Shop is now an official TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop!

Guess what, TRAVELER'S fans! Omoi Zakka Shop is honored to have a Partner Shops feature on the official TRAVELER'S Company website:

One of the joys of traveling is visiting shops located at a certain location. These shops reflect the interests and personality of the owner, as well as the culture of the place it resides. It brings one a sense of excitement when they encounter shops where the products and space are filled with love of the owner.

This can be described as a shop where local people love visiting and warmly welcomes travelers, and creates a unique atmosphere where the daily lives of the locals and the extraordinary mood of the travelers blend comfortably.

Here, we introduce these kind of shop owners around the world that handle TRAVELER’S notebook with love and would introduce recommended places in their hometown. If you have the opportunity to travel these places, we recommend you to visit these shops.

That said, we're thrilled we are able to share our Recommended Travel Spots within our great city of Philadelphia! We went to some of our favorite spots in the city, snapped photos, and wrote about why we love them and why they're great places to visit if you're in town.

Please take a moment to check it out.

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