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Try Our Fabulous Store Stamp

Try Our Fabulous Store Stamp

Since 2018, Omoi has been proud to be a TRAVELER’S Company Partner Shop. Like the official TRAVELER’S Company stores, called TRAVELER’S Factory shops, located in Tokyo and Kyoto, Partner Shops are stores around the world that embody and share the spirit of TRAVELER’S notebook with fans and users. Not only can you browse the whole TRAVELER’S Company product line up, but you can also find special items only available at Partner Shops. Sharing your enthusiasm with the store staff and owners, who are also TRAVELER’S notebook users, is highly encouraged.

This 2022 spring season, Partner Shops in the United States received their very own store stamp(!!). Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit the original TRAVELER'S Factory locations in Japan (or even the JR railways and some of our own national parks) know the excitement in collecting the commemorative stamps. Being in Philadelphia, our stamp features a classic Philadelphia snack: a Philly soft pretzel with a water ice. 

Now we encourage all TRAVELER'S fans to stop by and stamp their TN when visiting. There's even a space to write the date of your visit. And even if you don't have a TRAVELER'S Notebook, you can take one of our Recommended Short Trip pamphlets and stamp that, before heading on to the rest of your day. Thanks for visiting!

The store stamp next to the section of the latest TRAVELER'S TIMES instructing visitors to use the store stamp!
A close-up on the store stamp, blue ink.It says Omoi Zakka Shop with a drawing of a soft pretzel and water ice, and the official TRC logo, text saying visitor's pass, and place to write the date!
You can draw cute faces on the water ice, we love it.
The TRC section of the shop last December
Looking to the front of the store from the back, inside
the storefront walking south from Market street
The front view of the shop on 41 S 3rd Street in Philadelphia

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