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KOKUYO Jibun Techo Template Bookmarks

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Use these template bookmarks to notate the pages of your planner and hold your current page. Designed especially as companion accessories sized for use with the popular Jibun Techo life planner series, they are functional with just about any planner or diary.

The green Icon Template offers a collection of icons that help you schedule and record with numbers and icons for weather, going out, business trips, faces, and more.

The orange Plan Template provides frames for accentuating your schedule with items such as an analog clock, photo frame, wavy and dotted lines, and a 12.5mm ruler edge.

Recommended for fine tip and needle point pens. Some wider pen tips (like a classic BiC ballpoint) may not fit into notches of the template, especially the orange one.

Sold individually. Made of lightweight, flexible plastic with matte texture.

Jibun「自分」means "oneself" and techo「手帳」means "diary."

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